For a gold coin donation to Kids Plus, Total Care Podiatry provides a specific Paediatric Clinic that focuses on our little one’s feet and legs: from 6 months – 6 years old.

We have been seeing little people for over 30 years now at Total Care Podiatry and we’ve noticed lately that more and more people are looking for advice regarding their children’s feet and how they crawl or walk. In response, this monthly children’s clinic is designed to answer these questions in a one on one assessment of each child in a child friendly environment.

Children’s feet are designed to change!

There are a lot of changes in the legs and feet during the first 6 years and most of these are perfectly normal. Sometimes, however, there are concerns which will need treatment. The key is understanding what’s normal development and what’s not.

If you are worried your child walks or crawls differently to your friend’s children and are concerned about whether everything looks okay, this 15 minute one on one assessment is very helpful

Every child’s development is different, so if there are any concerns it’s best to check at this young age when simple exercises are often all that are required to address potential long term problems.

Bookings are essential on 5223 1531.

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