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Extra Corporeal Shock Wave Therapy

We are very pleased to announce the delivery of our new Extra Corporeal Shock Wave Unit (ESWT) at Total Care Podiatry in Geelong. Our new unit is available in the clinic every day we are open and all our Podiatrists are highly trained in assessing your needs to see if this would be a treatment […]

Surfcoast Trek Total Care Podiatry

The Surfcoast Trek is scheduled for Saturday 2nd April 2022 and Total Care Podiatry is proud to continue its association with such a wonderful event. Check out https://surfcoasttrek.com.au/the-trek if you have not heard of this event that aims to take walkers on the beautiful Great Ocean Road Walk from Anglesea to Torquay. A number of […]

Total Care Podiatry New Owners January 2022

Congratulations Lynette   Lynette Kent Podiatrist and Philip Spark Podiatrist are the new co owners of  Total Care Podiatry. Lynette Kent is a Podiatrist who has worked and lived in the Geelong region in private practice and brings her vast experience in treating foot pain and managing Podiatry businesses for more than 25 years. Lynette […]


In the Clinic At Total Care Podiatry we are continually updating our response to the COVID-19 virus. In line with the recommendations of the Victorian Health and Human Services we have implemented a COVID Safe Plan for Total Care Podiatry. PLEASE GET TESTED if you have any cold/flu like symptoms, have had any contact with […]


Boomers not backing down from Foot & Ankle Pain! Foot problems in older people can have a hugely detrimental impact on a person’s independence and quality of life. There is a vast range of musculoskeletal, dermatological, vascular and neurological conditions that can cause pain in ageing feet.  Remember, our feet have carried us for so […]


Tennis Injuries   Lateral Ankle Sprains Tennis is a multidirectional sport that comes with a great degree of lateral moment, specifically as the athlete’s eyes are on the ball and often not watching their foot placement. The running, jumping and landing involved (even when serving the ball) in tennis can result in landing incorrectly turning […]


SOCCER INJURIES Developmental/Youth Calcaneal Apophysitis (Sever’s) In young children aged 8-14 years old, commonly boys, the heel bone goes through a growth phase which can include significant inflammation to its growth plate. When a child is more active, particularly if wearing hard shoes such as football boots this condition may be further aggravated because of […]


Musculoskeletal Changes to the feet in Menopause The following are just some of the common difficulties in Menopause that may affect joint and soft tissue injury in women, due to a reduction in Oestrogen levels.  Collagen reduction When hormone levels drop during menopause, the production of collagen slows. Collagen is a blend of elastic tissue […]