Surf Coast Trek 2023 Report

Surf Coast Trek

Total Care Podiatry was, once again, proud to be involved with the Surf Coast Trek for 2023. This walking event, starting at Airey’s Inlet to Torquay, allows participants to walk 38km, while the shorter event from Anglesea to Torquay is 26km. Participants were treated to perfect conditions with bright sunshine, calm winds and a perfect low tide. This is a major fund-raising event for Kids+ and Give Where You Live Foundation Geelong. A big thank you to all the organisers for putting together such a great event.

Our podiatrists from Total Care Podiatry provided professional foot care, mainly for blisters and musculoskeletal problems, for the many trekkers as they made their way along the tracks and beaches. It was great to see some of our patients being involved and overall many participants were very well prepared with good socks and supportive footwear.

We were able to provide support at each station and it was great to be involved in the event, helping the trekkers as required and chatting to people as they made their way to the finish.

For anyone looking at participating in the Surf Coast Trek in 2024, please come in and see one of our friendly team for professional advice. We can help with blister management, complete a comprehensive foot assessment and provide advice regarding appropriate footwear and socks.

Stats for the day

30 people in total

22 blisters/blister management

2 nail issues

6 Muscle or tendon related issues