Surfcoast Trek Saturday, May 13th 2023

The Surfcoast Trek is on Saturday, May 13th 2023 with the 40km distance starting 7.15am from the Aireys Inlet Light house and the 26km distance starting from Anglesea with both distances finishing at Torquay foreshore. Total Care Podiatry is proud to commit to our ongoing partnership with Kids+ and Give Where You Live by providing foot care to all those weary walkers at the check points along the route. Podiatry help for foot pain and blisters will be available at Anglesea, Point Addis, Southside and Torquay. In past years Trekkers have most foot problems from sand entering their shoes and socks on the beach at Point Addis. Our advice is to stop when you leave the beach and empty out any sand from you shoes and consider changing your socks if they get wet or are full of sand. Gaiters will help prevent sand from entering your shoes. We will be at the check points to help with any blisters. A quick assessment and tape up maybe all that is required by our Total Care Podiatry crew to get you on your way to finishing this terrific achievement. We will be handing out a small sachet of trail mix to help you on the way to the first 400 trekkers that visit one of our tents along the route. Good luck and remember to take a spare pair of socks, consider gaiters and wear your the shoes you have been training in. It might be too late to change shoes now. We shall post a short video before the event on some taping tips to help prevent blistering. Here is a link Shoe selection of some Hoka Hiking Boots in action reducing stone strike.