Bellarine Podiatry Merges with Total Care Podiatry – Geelong

Total Care Podiatry is very pleased to announce that clients from Bellarine Podiatry Ocean Grove and Curlewis can continue to see their Geelong based Podiatrists at Total Care Podiatry. Bellarine Podiatry has now closed its locations on the Bellarine. If you have been a passed client at either of these locations your clinical history is integrated into our data base so that you can ensure continuation of your care. If you are due for an orthotic review, would like another pair of orthotics or need a Diabetes check then make an appointment with our Geelong based Podiatrists Dr Lynette Kent, Dr Kirrilee Lundberg or Dr Philip Spark to ensure continuation of your care. We were also lucky enough to bring our receptionist, Naomi, to our Geelong clinic at Total Care Podiatry to cope with the increase in client numbers at the clinic. Please feel free to call and chat with Naomi or Kylee to assist with your needs during this period of transition. If it’s chasing up GP referrals, results from x-rays or Ultrasounds or just to make an appointment we are available from just after 8.00am Monday to Friday.



Surfcoast Trek Saturday, May 13th 2023

The Surfcoast Trek is on Saturday, May 13th 2023 with the 40km distance starting 7.15am from the Aireys Inlet Light house and the 26km distance starting from Anglesea with both distances finishing at Torquay foreshore. Total Care Podiatry is proud to commit to our ongoing partnership with Kids+ and Give Where You Live by providing foot care to all those weary walkers at the check points along the route. Podiatry help for foot pain and blisters will be available at Anglesea, Point Addis, Southside and Torquay. In past years Trekkers have most foot problems from sand entering their shoes and socks on the beach at Point Addis. Our advice is to stop when you leave the beach and empty out any sand from you shoes and consider changing your socks if they get wet or are full of sand. Gaiters will help prevent sand from entering your shoes. We will be at the check points to help with any blisters. A quick assessment and tape up maybe all that is required by our Total Care Podiatry crew to get you on your way to finishing this terrific achievement. We will be handing out a small sachet of trail mix to help you on the way to the first 400 trekkers that visit one of our tents along the route. Good luck and remember to take a spare pair of socks, consider gaiters and wear your the shoes you have been training in. It might be too late to change shoes now. We shall post a short video before the event on some taping tips to help prevent blistering. Here is a link Shoe selection of some Hoka Hiking Boots in action reducing stone strike.

Total Care Podiatry New Owners January 2022

Congratulations Lynette


Lynette Kent Podiatrist and Philip Spark Podiatrist are the new co owners of  Total Care Podiatry. Lynette Kent is a Podiatrist who has worked and lived in the Geelong region in private practice and brings her vast experience in treating foot pain and managing Podiatry businesses for more than 25 years. Lynette is available for Podiatry appointments at 209 Malop st Geelong and can be contacted at

Philip Spark is very excited to be working in a clinic that offers all aspects of Podiatry care at the one premises. The clinic has in-house milling and manufacturing of custom orthosis reducing the wait time on fitting the orthosis. Phil has a special interest in treating heel pain and loves road cycling in his spare time.

Kirrilee Lundberg, our associate Podiatrist has worked on the Bellarine for more than 10 years and brings her enthusiasm and experience to the clinic. Kirrilee has a major role in administration, 3rd Party arrangements, NDIS compliance and Practice standards and often works remotely during this Covid period.

Please contact the clinic for all your Podiatry needs.

Online Appointments


Tel 03 5223 1531



In the Clinic

At Total Care Podiatry we are continually updating our response to the COVID-19 virus.

In line with the recommendations of the Victorian Health and Human Services we have implemented a COVID Safe Plan for Total Care Podiatry.

PLEASE GET TESTED if you have any cold/flu like symptoms, have had any contact with a person suspected of having or with COVID-19  or have attended any of the exposure sites listed by Victorian Health and Human Services. Call 5223 1531 to reschedule your appointment or call to arrange a Telehealth appointment. We’d love to see you when you’re well again!

For the most up to date alerts and information please check the Victorian Government COVID-19 pages:

COVIDSafe Settings

When you arrive in the clinic please register using the QR code on the external doors or in the waiting area. If you are not able to use the QR code please advise the receptionist so your arrival can be recorded manually.

Please wear a face mask when inside the clinic as the Victorian COVIDSafe guidelines for Phase D require a face mask to be worn in health settings and where physical distancing is not possible. When you arrive please make use of the hand sanitiser provided. You may also wash your hands in the patient bathroom. The chairs in the waiting room have the required space between them, however for two or members of the same family,  we have opened the running lab/multipurpose room as an additional family waiting area.

For the safety of our staff please stay behind the taped line on the floor in front of the reception desk. You will also see that we have installed perspex safety screens.


Our normal operating hours have now resumed Monday – Friday, including our fortnightly late clinic on alternate Tuesdays until 7:30pm.

Same Day Orthotics

If your condition requires custom orthotics we are now able to offer a same day orthotic service as we have an in-house milling lab.  There is no extra charge for this service. The service includes:

  • Comprehensive Initial Musculoskeletal consultation
  • Plantar pressure and video gait analysis
  • 3D and 2D scanning of feet
  • Custom prescribed orthotics CADCam designed and milled

If you would like to use this offer please mention it when you call  on 5223 1531 to book.


Total Care Podiatry now has two ‘TELEHEALTH’ options if you are unable to leave your home:

  1. Complimentary TeleHealth Advice. This service is about 10 minutes to answer general questions and provide you with advice. It is particularly good if you are a New Patient who needs some help to manage until you’re able to attend the clinic.
  2. TeleHealth Consultation. For existing patients who are unable to attend the clinic. Our podiatrists will be able to provide online:
  • a video conference for you to explain your concerns and receive clinical advice,  and, if required
  • an exercise and rehabilitation program of video demonstrations within the Physitrack App.

This will enable us to adjust your treatment plan from the comfort of your own home.

The billing for TeleHealth appointments will be the same as usual for NDIS and Veterans. For patients with a Chronic Diseases Management plan (for Medicare rebates) we are able to bulk bill with a new Item number provided by Medicare. For private patients the Fee is $30. Some health funds are providing a rebate for TeleHealth consultations. Check with your Health Fund.

If you’re not sure about whether TeleHealth is right for you please give us a call  on 5223 1531 to discuss your situation.

Updated 19th November 2021


Free Foot & Leg Assessment

Total Care Podiatry is offering Surf Coast trek participants a complimentary Foot and Leg Assessment.  This will take into account your individual requirements and help you work out a strategy to help your feet and legs stay the distance.

Call Total Care Podiatry on 5223 1531 to book in your Complimentary Foot & Leg Assessment.

Make sure you mention that you have registered for the Surf Coast Trek.

Preparing for a long distance walk

Getting your feet ready for a 40 km trek needs a lot of planning and preparation. You’re asking a lot of your poor feet pounding into the ground, and they’ll need some TLC to get you there.

Every individual’s body will respond differently so there’s no one solution that will suit everyone, especially in an endurance event lasting many hours like the Surfcoast Trek.

Just like your fitness, preparing your feet and legs has to start early, not the week before or the day before.

During the 40 km trek, your body will change in a number of ways to keep you going. The extent of the changes will very much rely on how you’ve trained your body prior to the event.

Here’s what will happen for most of us at the 20 to 30 km mark:

  • Muscles in our core and legs will tire and as a result our walking pattern will change, placing more pressure on our joints.
  • Feet may swell causing changes in how the foot fits into the shoe, causing pressure areas, and
  • The heels may start slipping up and down in the shoe as the calf muscles tighten, increasing the risk of blister formation.


For endurance walking the shoes you wear will have a significant bearing on whether or not you enjoy the trek. The runners you use around the house or for activities such as walking around the block will probably not be appropriate.

  • Footwear should fit your foot comfortably, not too tight or loose.
  • The upper should be made of a material that will easily breathe and allow the perspiration that your feet generate evaporates into the environment rather than build-up heat in your foot.
  • The sole should not be too stiff or controlling and provide good cushioning.
  • The toe box, (the area of the shoe where your toes are), should be deep and rounded to accommodate any swelling.
  • No part of your foot should slip in the shoes, at any time.
  • It is best if the lace area is as long as possible so you can alter the fit around the heel from the midfoot and the forefoot. You may have to adjust the lacing a number of times during the walk, to make sure your foot is supported and any pressure areas lessened.
    For more information regarding lacing techniques look here: How to Lace a Hiking Boot


Blisters are caused by friction, where the surface of the skin is held in one place and the tissues underneath the surface are stretched to the point of tearing. It is influenced by 3 things:

1. The nature of your skin

Our skin often has different qualities depending on age, sun exposure, gender, shoes we wear etc. Some people have firm strong and resilient skin. Others have tender, thin and easily affected skin. The latter type of skin can be toughened to cope and protected for the walk using a number of different taping techniques. Skin temperature also needs to be maintained so that the skin does not become overly sweaty and moist which increases the risk of blisters.

Socks that are designed to ‘wick moisture away’; that is take the moisture away from the skin out through the sock to the other side of the sock, is the best way of managing this.

2. How your foot works

Your foot has two main functions, it has to adapt the body above to the ground beneath, and then has to be stable enough for the body to move over a solid foundation. If these functions are not working properly areas of high pressure develop which can directly cause tissue injury. The most obvious is blisters but also stress fractures and indirectly, increased risk of ligament or tendon damage as muscles get tired; often seen in cases of rolled ankles. Research shows that cushioning insoles can address the direct high-pressure areas, but the reasons why the foot is not functioning properly, causing risk of injury, needs to be understood and then addressed appropriately.

3. The level of friction.

There are many ways people use to reduce friction. For most people the best strategy is wearing well fitted merino padded socks. These socks should have built in padding to assist with small pressure areas.  If you have bony feet, or a tendency for rubbing, wearing two pairs of socks can be the solution. If you often have blisters on or in between your toes, ‘toe socks’, worn under the padded merino socks, can be the answer.

A final note on blisters, if the top of the blister rubs off and you’re left with a red raw sore, a band-aid type of dressing is not a good option as it may cause more friction. Instead, compound dressings are good for this, as is some taping, so long as your skin is not sensitive to the adhesive.

We congratulate everyone who is taking on the Surf Coast trek for the challenge it provides as well as supporting a fantastic local charity which benefits our whole community. Total Care Podiatry is proud to support your effort with a Complimentary Foot & Leg Assessment.

WARNING: This information is for educational purposes only and is not intended to replace professional podiatric advice. Treatment will vary between individuals depending upon your diagnosis and presenting complaint. An accurate diagnosis can only be made following personal consultation with a Podiatrist.


Clementine Scheffers

Clementine is a graduate of La Trobe University with a Bachelor of Applied Science and Masters of Podiatric Practice.
She is passionate about acute and chronic injury rehabilitation and sports injury management, given her love and passion for sport growing up, as well as managing a chronic injury herself. Clementine has a wealth of knowledge in all things running shoes and will be your go to for shoe advice!
In her spare time, Clementine enjoys listening to her favourite artists and keeping up with the latest music releases, walking her Wheaten Terrier Riley, staying active and spending time with her cousins in Torquay.





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