Total Care Podiatry are constantly reviewing our response to  COVID-19.

One of our sources for guidance is the Australian Podiatry Association of which we are a member.

For up to date information from the A.Pod.A Click Here

Our practice at 209 Malop Street, Geelong is a large clinic with four good sized treatment rooms. This has enabled us to implement a process of alternating rooms so that each room can be thoroughly cleaned between patients.

When you arrive please stand behind the taped line on the floor in front of the reception desk and there is a place indicated on the floor in front of the reception desk for you to stand when making payments and appointments. You will also see that the chairs in the waiting room now have the required space between them and we have opened the running lab/multipurpose room for additional waiting area, especially for two or more members of the same family.  Please also make use of the hand sanitiser provided .

Until further notice the clinic will have reduced hours and be open from  Tuesday to Thursday.  Our fortnightly Tuesday late clinic will continue.

Where appropriate, we now have a ‘TELEHEALTH’ option if you are unable to leave your home.

Using the secure Physitrack software our podiatrists will be able to provide online:

  • a video conference for you to explain your concerns and receive advice,  and, if required
  • an exercise and rehabilitation program of video demonstrations within the Physitrack App.

This will enable us to begin or adjust your treatment plan from the comfort of your own home with subsequent face to face appointments occurring as required.

The billing for these will be the same as usual for NDIS and Veterans. For patients with a Chronic Diseases Management plan (for Medicare rebates) we are able to bulk bill with a new Item number provided by Medicare. If you are a private patient please give us a call  on 5223 1531 to discuss your situation.

If you have any questions,  concerns or special requirements please give us a call on 5223 1531 and we’ll do our best to help you.

Updated 3rd  April 2020

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