Surf Coast Trek 2024

The Total Care Podiatry team has completed another successful sponsorship of the

2024 Surf Coast Trek. This is the third year the team has been involved with volunteering to assist the trekkers as they complete the walk to raise much needed funds for Give Where You Live and Kids+. Here is a glimpse into our day at this successful event.


Participants for the event:

This year, the team was assisted once again by Jess McConnell from the Werribee Foot Clinic and Tim Leahy a welcomed new addition joined us from Bendigo Foot Clinic. Along with our own podiatrist Philip Spark & Kirrilee Lundberg.


Preparation for the event:

As sponsors, our team prepared to provide support to participants who were trekking. We stocked up on essential supplies which included blister treatments and foot lollies. We also educated ourselves on the challenges that trekkers may face during this massive trek.


On the Trek:

Throughout the event as sponsors and podiatrists, we provided support to any participants that required support on the day. From offering foot checks to sharing advise we were there every step of the way, ensuring trekkers could enjoy the experience comfortably.

Collectively, the team helped over 60 trekkers with a variety of different issues, from popping of 20 sets of blisters, taping up 11 heels and arches for foot pain, cutting 5 sets of nails and even re-soling a pair of shoes with sports tape! Many trekkers asked for spare dressings and footwear advice after the event. Walkers were offered lolly gummy feet for their trek and the 1200 packs were very quick to disappear! The message is getting through as so many more participants are taping for blister prevention who ultimately complete the trek with nothing but encouragement and a foot lolly.


Post Trek Reflections:

As sponsors and podiatrist, we are grateful for the opportunity to support such a wonderful and meaningful event and are committed to continuing our sponsorship in the future and our team look forward to supporting again in 2025. After this years’ experience, they will definitely have the extra tape needed for shoe repairs on the run!

SurfCoast Trek

It is that time of the year again – time for the SurfCoast Trek! 13th April 2024

The SurfCoast Trek is an event that brings together communities, nature and supporters of a good cause. And for yet another year Total Care Podiatry are proud to announce our sponsorship of this great event.

The SurfCoast Trek is an incredible 40km walk through some of Australia’s most breathtaking landscapes, through Airey Inlet to Torquay. Besides the scenic adventure, the SurfCoast Trek is a fundraiser, with proceeds going towards the Kids + Foundation and the Give Where You Live foundation – organisations dedicated to supporting children and families in need within the community.

At Total Care Podiatry, we understand the importance of promoting active health & active lifestyles. As podiatrists, we see firsthand the impact foot health can have on our well-being. So by sponsoring the SurfCoast Trek we are not only supporting a worthy cause but also encouraging people to stay active and take care of their feet.

Our involvement doesn’t just stop at sponsorship. On the day of the event, you’ll find our team at Anglesea, ready to lend a hand and provide support to participants! From offering tips on preventing blisters to addressing any foot related concerns. We will be there every step of the way – LITERALLY!

We find that the number one most common issue is blisters. We have put together a short video on tapping techniques to prevent blisters.


Lace up your shoes, grab your water bottle and head down to the SurfCoast Trek. See you on the trail!

The Team at Total Care Podiatry

Back to School!

It can be stressful shopping for new school shoes as there are a number of considerations – price, quality, support and of course something your child will wear.

The Australian Podiatry Association has put together this printable checklist to help you decide on the right school shoe for your child and how and when a podiatrist can assist.


Check out the guide here:


Podiatrists can help make this process easier by measuring your child’s foot to get the right size and recommending suitable brands, especially if your child has an extra wide or narrow foot.

Book an appointment with us to ensure your child can leap into 2024 with well-fitting shoes!

Stepping into the Festive Season: A Holiday Closure Announcement!

Tis the season to unwind and embrace the joyous moments that the holiday season brings.

At Total Care Podiatry, we believe in nurturing not just your feet but also the spirit of the holiday season, we are embracing the festives and therefore our clinic will be closing for the Christmas period so we can spend time with loved ones, recharge and return with renewed energy in the new year!

Closure Dates:

We will be closed from Monday 25th December 2023 and returning on Monday 8th January 2024.

During this period our clinic will not be scheduling appointments or providing services. However, our online bookings will be open and available to arrange appointments for the new year. We appreciate your understanding as we take this short break to celebrate the festive season.

We will be back to assist you with your foot care needs on Monday 8th January 2024. Mark your calendars and we look forward to stepping into the new year with you!

Wishing you and all your loved ones a Merry Christmas filled with warmth, joy and happy Feet! And a very prosperous New Year!


The Team at Total Care Podiatry

Recharging – Our Clinic’s Well-Earned Break

Our Clinic will be closed from Monday 2nd October and Reopen on Monday 9th October 23.


Total Care Podiatry are taking a well-deserved break for a week. Our dedicated team have been tirelessly providing care to our patients and are incredibly proud of the care that they provide, however even superhero’s need time to recharge their powers, and our team is no exception.

We kindly request your understanding and support during this brief closure and we are looking forward to seeing you all when we return.

Before we sign off, we want to express our gratitude. Thank you for choosing Total Care Podiatry as your Foot Clinic. Your trust in us motivates us to continue to provide the the best possible care.

In the meantime, stay safe, take care and enjoy the Grand Final this weekend!



The Team at Total Care Podiatry



Total Care Podiatry Rebranding

In our latest blog we explore our successful rebranding of our podiatry clinic. Lynette & Phil and the team at Total Care Podiatry have worked so hard during the rebranding process and we are thrilled to introduce our new rebrand.



We revamped our logo, colour palette and visual style to align with warmth, knowledge and care. One of our most visible changes you will notice is our brand new logo and visual identity (being the foot). The foot symbolises knowledge, science as well as care and connection.

The motivation behind our rebrand to is create a fresh, modern and warm look that is welcoming and a reflection of good foot health, trust, care and knowledge.

We are excited to embark on this new chapter so stay stunned for more…

The Walking Company

Looking after our feet is important for maintaining overall health and mobility. With the aim to promote comfort the Walking Company, who are known for their high-quality footwear, took the opportunity to visit our podiatry clinic. This blog will provide an insight into the visit and how Jimmy (Walking Company Representative) shed some light on the importance of proper footwear.

During his visit, representative Jimmy from The Walking Company had the opportunity to meet the podiatrist and discuss various ranges of footwear. Jimmy discussed with our podiatrist the different options of shoes, whether it is a shoe for the office, or out on the town, for general walkers, hiking, or athletes the staff are highly trained to help with all your footwear needs. They provide a stable shoe, for every occasion. The Walking Company provide comfortable and supportive footwear for people of all ages with common foot conditions such as plantar fasciitis, ball of foot pain, bunions, and flat feet.

The Walking Company’s visit to our clinic was an enlightening and informative experience. Our podiatrist gained insights on what the company offers in terms of comfort and promoting good foot health. Imagine walking with confidence knowing that your feet are supported by good shoes?  Remember to always take care of your feet.


Here’s a photo of Jimmy from the Walking Company at our clinic with our two podiatrist Philip Spark & Kirrilee Lundberg.


Bellarine Podiatry Merges with Total Care Podiatry – Geelong

Total Care Podiatry is very pleased to announce that clients from Bellarine Podiatry Ocean Grove and Curlewis can continue to see their Geelong based Podiatrists at Total Care Podiatry. Bellarine Podiatry has now closed its locations on the Bellarine. If you have been a passed client at either of these locations your clinical history is integrated into our data base so that you can ensure continuation of your care. If you are due for an orthotic review, would like another pair of orthotics or need a Diabetes check then make an appointment with our Geelong based Podiatrists Dr Lynette Kent, Dr Kirrilee Lundberg or Dr Philip Spark to ensure continuation of your care. We were also lucky enough to bring our receptionist, Naomi, to our Geelong clinic at Total Care Podiatry to cope with the increase in client numbers at the clinic. Please feel free to call and chat with Naomi or Kylee to assist with your needs during this period of transition. If it’s chasing up GP referrals, results from x-rays or Ultrasounds or just to make an appointment we are available from just after 8.00am Monday to Friday.



Surfcoast Trek Saturday, May 13th 2023

The Surfcoast Trek is on Saturday, May 13th 2023 with the 40km distance starting 7.15am from the Aireys Inlet Light house and the 26km distance starting from Anglesea with both distances finishing at Torquay foreshore. Total Care Podiatry is proud to commit to our ongoing partnership with Kids+ and Give Where You Live by providing foot care to all those weary walkers at the check points along the route. Podiatry help for foot pain and blisters will be available at Anglesea, Point Addis, Southside and Torquay. In past years Trekkers have most foot problems from sand entering their shoes and socks on the beach at Point Addis. Our advice is to stop when you leave the beach and empty out any sand from you shoes and consider changing your socks if they get wet or are full of sand. Gaiters will help prevent sand from entering your shoes. We will be at the check points to help with any blisters. A quick assessment and tape up maybe all that is required by our Total Care Podiatry crew to get you on your way to finishing this terrific achievement. We will be handing out a small sachet of trail mix to help you on the way to the first 400 trekkers that visit one of our tents along the route. Good luck and remember to take a spare pair of socks, consider gaiters and wear your the shoes you have been training in. It might be too late to change shoes now. We shall post a short video before the event on some taping tips to help prevent blistering. Here is a link Shoe selection of some Hoka Hiking Boots in action reducing stone strike.

Hiking in the Otways Shelly Beach – Blanket Bay

Well two beautiful days hiking in the Otways testing out socks and boots under the weight of a pack for two of our Podiatrists.

Philip Spark wore his trusted Grisport Hiking shoes and Alpina hiking socks which were perfect for a lighter day pack. In parts the surface was wet and slippery so the outer Vibram sole was required and it coped well with the rocky parts of the work avoiding stone strike.

Lynette Kent, our most experienced hiker at Total Care Podiatry, was carrying a 65 litre fully packed Osprey Ladies pack so elected the ankle protection offered by her La Sportiva hiking boot and ever reliable blister preventing injinji toe socks. No blisters for Lynette while Phil reported a couple of hot spots under the ball of his big toe joint.

If you are getting ready for the Surf Coast Trek which we are supporting again and need some foot advice then our experienced Podiatrists can help.