Extra Corporeal Shock Wave Therapy

We are very pleased to announce the delivery of our new Extra Corporeal Shock Wave Unit (ESWT) at Total Care Podiatry in Geelong. Our new unit is available in the clinic every day we are open and all our Podiatrists are highly trained in assessing your needs to see if this would be a treatment that would help you. We most commonly use ESWT for heel pain, plantar fasciitis, heel spur pain, tendo Achilles pain and Morton’s neuroma. If you have had heel pain for more than 12 weeks then the plantar fascia that causes the pain has become degenerative. ESWT, by applying a rapid force to the heel helps reset the tissue to a state of healing again. We recommend 4- 6 treatments approximately 5-10 days apart.

If you are training for the 40 km Surfcoast Trek or walking regularly and heel pain is starting to prevent you from enjoying your walk then make an appointment at Total Care Podiatry to determine if Extra Shock Wave Therapy will form a part of your treatment plan.