Socks provide an interface between our feet and the shoes we choose to wear. Generally, closed in footwear is designed to wear a sock with, so choosing appropriate ones can make a great difference to how the shoe feels!

Understand the pros and cons of different materials, so that when you are looking at the sock ingredients, you know what you’re in for!

  • Merino wool: breathable, can be worn all year round! Soft, cushioned and itch free, moisture wicking. Popular for sports people and hikers.
  • Acrylic: cheaper than wool, dries reasonably fast, not as good at wicking away moisture.
  • Cotton: traps moisture! Not good if you are prone to sweating as you will find yourself blister prone wearing cotton socks.
  • Nylon: often combined with other fabrics to increase sock durability. Also dries very quickly.
  • Stretch fabrics such as elastin, nylon or spandex: allows stretch so socks fit well and snug your foot! Make sure they only comprise of about 2-5% of the fabric.

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