Injury can really impact you physically and mentally. It is important to take care of yourself when injured and allow your body to heal – be patient and be kind to yourself. If you have a lower leg injury that you cannot bear any weight on, we recommend you visit your local ED or GP as soon as possible.

If you can wait to see your podiatrist,the following points  are very helpful for you to consider and bring to your appointment:

1)    When did the pain start? Were you injured or has this happened over time?

2)    What kind of pain is it i.e. sharp, dull, ache, pins and needles, numbness?

3)    How intense does the pain get? (1-10 /10 scale, 10 being the worst pain)

4)    Where is the pain? Does the location move or are you getting any referred pain?

5)    What aggravates the pain? i.e. increase in walking, first thing in the morning, going up on tip toes?

6)    What is the pain preventing you from doing?

7)    What makes the pain better? i.e. ice, heat, rest

8)    What is your overall goal?

If you can have a think about these questions before seeing your healthcare professional, it can really help us in the consultation. If you need to wait a few days before an appointment, we recommend you keep a pain diary for those three days so we can really knuckle down to why you are in pain and get started on treatment!

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