Growing Pains?

Is pain most commonly affecting the legs during adolescence. This pain most often occurs at afternoon to night time and will affect the muscles. 

Growing pains is defined as pain in the muscles and not the bones or joints. Often it is genralised muscle pain which is often described as non-specific pain.

There are many theories as to why it occurs. The first theory is that due to large amounts of growth in a short time, there is an increased effort for the leg muscles to work and so pain occurs. The second is that the muscles fatigue due to overuse in active children. Lastly, there may be a psychological aspect to the pain development within the brain. 

Growing pains is linked to obesity, lowered pain thresholds, decreased bone strength and is more prevalent in children who suffer migraines. 

The symptoms will include being bilateral, pain in the late afternoon or evening, intermittent pain with some pain free days and is most likely be in the calf or quad muscles.

If the symptoms are unilateral, persistent, within joint or persistent until the next morning, see your doctor immediately.

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