NAIL POLISH – YES OR NO? Read our latest blog for a solution if you said yes!

Nail Polish

Did you know that your nails are porous and they absorb what you put onto them?

Many nail polishes contain ingredients that are listed as POISONOUS. Some are listed as carcinogens and others have been linked to birth defects and breathing issues!

Why don’t we recommend it?

Nail polish can invite fungal growth to the nail. It creates a barrier which locks in pathogens and creates a protective layer. It also makes it difficult to spot changes in the nail and early signs of a fungal infection. Fungal nail infections can be very difficult to remove and we recommend taking steps to reduce your risk.

If you want to wear it, what should you do?

  • Thoroughly remove the current coat of nail polish before applying a new layer
  • Allow some time for you nail to ‘breath’ before a new layer, this allows the nail to rebuild lost oils
  • When removing layers, watch for signs of fungal nail infection such as changes in colour or thickness
  • Watch for any irritation or reaction from the nail polish to the surrounding skin. If you find a brand your skin can tolerate, try to stay with the same one to reduce the risk of a reaction occurring
  • We highly recommend FRANKIE4’s Safe 7 – a nail polish developed at Salon Standard without those scary ingredients!

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