The Walking Company

Looking after our feet is important for maintaining overall health and mobility. With the aim to promote comfort the Walking Company, who are known for their high-quality footwear, took the opportunity to visit our podiatry clinic. This blog will provide an insight into the visit and how Jimmy (Walking Company Representative) shed some light on the importance of proper footwear.

During his visit, representative Jimmy from The Walking Company had the opportunity to meet the podiatrist and discuss various ranges of footwear. Jimmy discussed with our podiatrist the different options of shoes, whether it is a shoe for the office, or out on the town, for general walkers, hiking, or athletes the staff are highly trained to help with all your footwear needs. They provide a stable shoe, for every occasion. The Walking Company provide comfortable and supportive footwear for people of all ages with common foot conditions such as plantar fasciitis, ball of foot pain, bunions, and flat feet.

The Walking Company’s visit to our clinic was an enlightening and informative experience. Our podiatrist gained insights on what the company offers in terms of comfort and promoting good foot health. Imagine walking with confidence knowing that your feet are supported by good shoes?  Remember to always take care of your feet.


Here’s a photo of Jimmy from the Walking Company at our clinic with our two podiatrist Philip Spark & Kirrilee Lundberg.