Diabetes and heaters

Over time, diabetes may affect the blood vessels and nerves in your feet. This results in reduced or loss of protective sensations in the feet. 

One of these sensations is the body’s ability to detect changes in temperature and specifically if it is too hot or cold. The body may also have more difficulty in sweat regulation of the skin. 

For these reasons, heaters can become a danger risk. The body may not be able to detect the skin overheating and a burn may occur. For this reason, the following step should be followed:

  • Check the distance of your feet to the heater and assess if it may be too hot (do not sit close to the heater or fire)
  • Check your feet regularly for any changes to the skin and check the temperature of your toes and sole of the foot
  • Avoid sitting with your feet by the fire/heater
  • Avoid setting the car heater vents toward the feet