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KNOCK KNEES – When to book an appointment to see your podiatrist?

Knock knees Also known as genu valgus, is when the knees ‘face each other’. This position commonly occurs between the ages of 3 to 4 and will slowly reduce or ‘straighten up’ with age.  When to book an appointment Asymmetry Any pain Outside of age for stage Excessive knock knees Level of activity is affected  […]

FLAT FEET – Symptoms and Treatment

FLAT FEET Flat feet are very common in children as they develop proper foot structure and muscle strength. Children may have a ‘collapsed arch’ or rolled in ankles. This is often associated with decreased muscle strength and joint flexibility.  Symptoms Reduced walking pace Clumsy or tripping Pain in the feet, knees, hips or back Blistering […]


Growing Pains? Is pain most commonly affecting the legs during adolescence. This pain most often occurs at afternoon to night time and will affect the muscles.  Growing pains is defined as pain in the muscles and not the bones or joints. Often it is genralised muscle pain which is often described as non-specific pain. There […]


Complimentary Paediatric Clinic  Every month at Total Care Podiatry we run a complimentary morning clinic to support the little feet that run around our community. We run short appointments designed to be a screening check of any areas of concern you may have for your child’s feet.  Commonly we check for:  ‘Tired legs’ Being clumsy […]


Toenail bruising and injury Bruising of the toenails is very common. It can occur because of an injury (i.e. dropping something on it) or from repetitive stress to the area. This is frequently occurring in ballet dancers and football players due to the nature of their activities. When to see a podiatrist? –          If it causes […]

CORNS AND CALLUS – what are they and treatment

Corns and Callus Callus is the thickening of the skin on the hands and feet. On the feet, callus forms as a reaction from repeated high areas of pressure. This mechanism is to protect the skin from breaking down. Over time however this may lead to discomfort and bruising around the callus. Corns are similar […]

BALL OF FOOT SORE? You may have Morton’s Neuroma

Neuroma Is a condition where pain is caused by compression of the nerves between two bones. Most commonly in the foot this is a Morton’s Neuroma which occurs between the third and forth metatarsophalangeal joints. Most often, the tissues in and around the nerves at these locations become inflamed and swell between the bones. The […]

CAR ACCIDENT AND THE LOWER LIMBS – What can podiatry do?

Car accident and the lower limbs Trauma to the lower limbs will cause varying degrees of symptoms and/or disability depending on the location and severity of the injury. In some causes a nerve may be heavily injured which will result changes to sensation and muscle function. This is particularly evident in injuries to the outside […]