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We all need some flip flops to cruise around in during the upcoming summer months – so now is the time to talk all things thongs!  Generally, we recommend a sandal over a non-supportive, flat thong. But if you need a throw on pair – here’s some advice we recommend:  Ideally something with a small […]


People are not ‘born runners’ – if you have an urge to start running and to chase that ‘runners high’ – start ASAP before the urge to start goes! People often ignore it and think I’ll never be a runner’. This is not true! With patience, and a slow, steady approach, you will get there […]


MTSS is one of the most common exercise induced, overuse leg problems. It is associated with poor shock absorption which results in excessive load through the tibia (shin bone) causing pain and inflammation. Overuse of the muscles in the calf are thought to be a big causative factor of the pathology. Excessive foot collapse or […]


We all look forward to warm summer days and having our toes in the sand! Here are just a few things to keep at the front of your mind to ensure that when it comes to achieving your new year’s resolutions, (which we can all admit isn’t all that far away), we can! Toenails and […]

Keep playing the sports you love

Pre-season training? Chances are, if you’ve been playing sport since you were a child, you’d love to keep it up. If you’re worried about injury or fitness you need good preparation, and that includes knowing how much your feet and legs are really up for it. How does your body handle it? Did you know, […]

May the force be with you

The only statistically significant change orthotics made were on the forces occurring through the feet! Where do these forces come from? If you were paying attention to science in high school, you will remember the equation F= MA, or force equals mass, (our body) times acceleration, (from gravity). This force is generated at all times […]

Your toned summer body starts with your winter workout!

inter’s here and don’t we know it! cold mornings and nights make it too easy to stay in and let our regular exercise take a break. Your toned summer body starts with hard work now! Come spring we’re feeling a bit fluffy around the edges and ready to get back into our routine, the sneakers […]