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Are you registered for the Surf Coast Trek?

Getting your feet ready for a 40 km trek needs a lot of planning and preparation. You’re asking a lot of your poor feet pounding into the ground, and they’ll need some TLC to get you there. Every individual’s body will respond differently so there’s no one solution that will suit everyone, especially in an […]

Your toned summer body starts with your winter workout!

inter’s here and don’t we know it! cold mornings and nights make it too easy to stay in and let our regular exercise take a break. Your toned summer body starts with hard work now! Come spring we’re feeling a bit fluffy around the edges and ready to get back into our routine, the sneakers […]

May the force be with you

We’re often asked why some orthotics work and some don’t? Why do they work for some people and not for others? What are orthotics actually designed to do? A brief history of foot orthotics in the modern era. Like all areas of medical science, there is always new knowledge coming from more recent and more […]

Keep playing the sports you love

Chances are, if you’ve been playing sport since you were a child, you’d love to keep it up. If you’re worried about injury or fitness you need good preparation, and that includes knowing how much your feet and legs are really up for it. How does your body handle it? Did you know, your amazing […]