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In everything we do, we aim to help†you find greater freedom and enjoy a better life†through improved mobility.

We want to understand exactly how we can work with you to achieve the best mobility you can have. You can then do the things you want to do, when you want to do them.

Thatís freedom.

Our care is focused on you. Not just your feet or legs, but you and your goals. Whether that's to simply walk pain free or enjoy your European holiday.

Everyone at Total Care Podiatry cares about how your feet, and your level of mobility, affects and impacts your ability to enjoy life and do the things you want to do.

We believe that through improved mobility people can find greater freedom and enjoy a better lifestyle. We aim to assist everyone to achieve the greatest mobility possible through our unique diagnostic equipment and the experience within our team of practitioners, whose total focus is on offering you the best possible treatment options.

At Total Care Podiatry we're known as The Foot Gurus for many very good reasons. Between us we have over 35 years experience in relieving, healing and supporting foot and walking problems.

The facilities of the biomechanics rooms include full length walking platforms with computerised plantar pressure analysis, remote video camera for gait analysis and 3D Image scanning of feet for CadCam prescription orthotics, because if you need orthotics, prescription is everything!

Sore feet?

If you are a runner our variable speed treadmill allows for analysis of your running gait.

The addition of a mural in one of the rooms ensures a memorable and positive experience for our younger patients.

If you have chronic pain or a complex condition affecting your feet, lower limbs and/or your back, our†team approach to patient care is aimed at providing a complete and comprehensive treatment plan.

Your treatment plan will address all the components of your condition in an integrated approach to reach pre-determined goals set in consultation with you.

In our many years of service we've seen just about everything.

Allow us the opportunity to give you greater freedom through a greater level of mobility.

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Podiatrists: Paul Graham,††Amelia Ling, Siobhan Curran †and Justin Kalopa

Physiotherapist: Sophie Halsall-McLennan

DVA, NDIS, Worksafe and TAC patients welcome