Freedom through Mobility

ROM studyWhat to expect on your first visit with Total Care Podiatry.....

The first thing you may notice at Total Care Podiatry is our New Patient forms. These are designed to make sure we know exactly what most concerns you and how it is affecting your life so we can focus on addressing these first.

If you have a musculoskeletal condition and/or chronic pain, we prefer to have the forms completed before the day of your appointment so your podiatrist has time to go through them and gain an understanding of your initial concerns. The easiest way is for us to email you the forms for you to complete and email back to us.  If you prefer we can mail you the forms. If you decide to bring the forms with you on the day of the appointment please arrive 15 minutes before the appointment and give them to the receptionist when you arrive.

Everyone at Total Care Podiatry cares about how your feet, and your level of mobility, affects and impacts your ability to enjoy life and do the things you want to do.

We believe that through improved mobility people can find greater freedom and enjoy a better life. We aim to assist everyone to acheive the greatest mobilty possible through our unique diagnostic equipment and the experience within our team of practitioners whose total focus is on offering you the best possible treatment options.

If you have aches and pains or are concerned about the way you walk...

A thorough history is taken and then your primary leg and foot structure will be assessed.

To judge how well your body will, or is, compensating, your muscle strength and flexibility and joint range of motion and function is assessed.

Any secondary developed changes will also be examined, eg, leg length difference and any areas of referred pain.

We then take a computerised plantar pressure measurement of you standing and walking to identify excessive pressure areas including where the forces are travelling through your feet when you walk. These forces could be contributing to the issue you have.

A visual gait analysis is then performed to see how all of these areas work together as you walk.

We will then discuss the findings and recommendations and provide initial treatment of your primary concern. A care plan will be designed specifically for you and is aimed at addressing your underlying condition in the long term.

If you have chronic pain or a complex condition affecting your feet, lower limbs and/or your back, our team approach to patient care - involving the podiatry, physiotherapy and exercise physiology - is aimed at providing a complete and comprehensive treatment plan which addresses all components of your condition in an integrated approach to reach a pre-determined goal set in consultation with you.

If you have problems with your skin or nails…

Your podiatrist will thoroughly treat problems with your nails and skin, including painless removal of corns and callus, treatment of nails and/or any fungal infections or plantar warts.

Your podiatrist will also assess the circulation and sensation in your feet and any lumps and bumps and/or foot dysfunction that may cause pressure points, which can lead to overloading of certain areas under your feet and on your toes. Overloaded pressure areas may result in corns and calluses or pressure ulcers so the podiatrist’s treatment will include offloading these areas.

Your podiatrist will also provide you with advice on how you can care for your feet to prevent ongoing problems and on whether further treatment is recommended.

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Podiatrists: Paul Graham,  Amelia Ling and Siobhan Curran

Physiotherapist: Sophie Halsall-McLennan

DVA, NDIS, Worksafe and TAC patients welcome