Nail or skin conditionsVascular exam

Podiatrists are experts when dealing with abnormal nail and skin conditions of the feet.

It is important that you don't ignore any nail or skin conditions that appear out of the ordinary as there are often treatments that can cure or alleviate the conditions if they are detected early. Common concerns include:

  • thickening of nails
  • discolouration of nails
  • itching feeling between the toes
  • ingrown toe nails

If you have any unexplained nail or skin concerns we strongly recommend you see us here at Total Care Podiatry.

If you have diabetes there can be associated complications occurring in your feet, especially if your diabetic condition is not well controlled.

It is our aim at Total Care Podiatry to ensure that you have the very best foot health possible and if there are any areas which may lead to future concerns, that these are prevented wherever possible.

We do this through appropriate assessment, advice and treatment with the most up-to-date diagnostic equipment available.

Working together with other health professionals involved in your care is also important.

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