Freedom through Mobility

Leg & knee pain

Almost everyone has some structural biomechanical misalignment such as bowing of the lower legs, knock knees or legs that turn in or out.

Your body will compensate for misalignments through the mobility in your joints and the flexibility and strength in your muscles. Over time, this causes other adaptations and changes to occur to allow normal function.

These changes and other factors such as your footwear, work, sports, age, weight and overall health status place stress on your musculoskeletal system causing inflammation and pain.

At Total Care Podiatry our comprehensive assessments will enable us to find out the best way to improve your body’s ability to compensate and provide you with a long term, pain free solution.

If you need orthotics, prescription is everything!

Our state of the art computerised plantar pressure gait assessment, video gait analysis and 3D image scanning of your feet ensure best practice in prescribing your customised orthotics.

Working together with other health professionals involved in your care is also important to achieve a long term solution.