Introductory Assessment


If you're not sure where you can get help for pain in the feet, legs or back the Introductory Assessment will help.

First, we ask you "what are your top 3 concerns?"

The 20 minute Introductory Assessment will look at your biomechanics, soft tissue adaptations and the way you walk.

You'll then be given a report with your options:

  • how we can help you,
  • if we think the answer will be found by consulting another health professional in a particular field,
  • looking at different footwear, or
  • exercise options

The Introductory Assessment is only $30, (a rebate can be claimed with Ancillary health cover).

There is no obligation to have the treatment recommendations done by us. You may just want a 2nd opinion or to provide another health practitioner with further information.

At Total Care Podiatry we have a huge list of options including:

  • mobilisation and adjustment of feet and ankle joints,
  • Orthotics ranging from $50 upwards; in a range of materials from firm, right through to soft latex,
  • Chung Shi medically designed AuBio Mo™ footwear,
  • Extra depth / extra width footwear,
  • AFOs and other bracing,
  • Nordic Walking instruction

and much, much more. 

We love helping you find freedom through mobility.

Your Introductory Assessment will allow you to make an informed decision about treatment options.

That's freedom!

Call 5223 1531 to book your Introductory Assessment

or Contact us with a question