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We all love to see our children or grandchildren, being active. Itís one of lifeís pleasures to encourage them in all their activities. Sometimes, you may be concerned that one foot may be turned in or they may have aching legs and be more interested in playing on their ipad, than playing outside.

There are a lot of perfectly normal changes in the legs and feet occurring in the first 6 years. Toe walking around 2 years old and low arches for the first 4 years is usually OK.† But sometimes, because of genetics or developmental issues, conditions can occur that may lead to problems later on.

When is the best time to have legs and feet checked in the early years? We recommend between 3 to 4 years old. Usually treatment is through exercise programs that your family can do at home.

When your child has a growth spurt, large pressures can occur where tendons attach to bone. Sometimes this can cause severe pain and may stop your child wanting to participate in sport or even their normal activities. This is very common around the ages of 8, 11- 12 and 14-16 years, especially if you have a very sporty girl or boy. Again, it is usually just a case of resting and having a home exercise program to resolve.

Sometimes the concerns will need to have treatment. The key is to understand and separate normal development from an issue of concern. At Total Care Podiatry our family podiatry & physiotherapy care offers the expertise of experienced practitioners. We know the importance to you, of having a clear explanation, so you can easily understand what needs to be done to have your children happy and active again.

Our examination is very thorough, allowing us to understand the immediate reasons and potential issues that may develop as your child grows.

Our friendly practitioners also have a reputation for quickly developing an easy rapport with children which is important when discussing things like taking a few weeks off sport or making exercises fun!

Over the past 10 years weíve been seeing the children of people we saw when they were children! Itsí great that simple treatments at a young age can be so effective and make a life-long difference.