Functional Solutions

At Total Care Podiatry we provide total care by combining our many years’ experience and expertise in functional biomechanics with physiotherapy to ensure we accurately analyse and diagnose the cause of your pain or injury, identify the contributing factors and address them to get you back into the activities you love as quickly as possible. Your treatment plan is focused on injury recovery, rehabilitation and strategies to prevent re-injury.

We include a range of research based assessments to achieve a whole body viewpoint in treating musculoskeletal types of pain, Recent research has shown how important this is, especially if we want to address the cause of the pain.

Dynamic Function

A critical component in our assessments is analysing the dynamic function, that is; how your body moves when walking or running.  High speed, high definition video, combined with software that measures joint angles, provides a good understanding of symmetry and timing issues. It also allows for comparison of the effect of different treatments and how you are progressing.


While angular and timing analysis provides important information, it's the force generated by every step you take, that can cause injuries and effect how long the tissues take to heal and the rehabilitation process. To analyse this we use our 6 metre long, high-definition pressure measuring platform and a plantar pressure treadmill to assess your running, if required.

Helping you achieve your personal best level of mobility is why we come to work every day!

We love keeping people active in a sport to the best of their physical abilities.

Our state of the art diagnostic equipment ensures the information we obtain is highly accurate and repeatable, so your progress can be monitored accuratley, as well as being in an understandable format to share with other health professionals involved in your care, so everyone is on the same page and focused on getting you better, fast.

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