Foot & ankle pain

Podiatrists are experts when dealing with foot and ankle pain.

It is extremely important that you do not ignore pain or discomfort in your feet or ankles. This problem may become chronic and cause you to alter your walking style.

This is called a protective gait and can have a chain like reaction on the upper body with compensation through the knees, hips, lower and upper back. This imbalance can cause degenerative changes in these areas.

If you are concerned with pain or unusual sensation in your feet or notice unusual wear on your shoes we strongly recommend you see us here at Total Care Podiatry. Our comprehensive Initial assessment will ensure you have immediate treatment and a long term solution to keep you mobile and able to get on with your daily activities.

If you need orthotics, prescription is everything!

Our state of the art computerised plantar pressure gait assessment, video gait analysis and 3D image scanning of your feet ensure best practice in prescribing your customised orthotics.

Working together with other health professionals involved in your care is also important to achieve a long term solution.

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Foot & ankle pain

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