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At Total Care Podiatry family podiatry & physiotherapy care is a key part of our Freedom through Mobility focus. Over the past 29 years we've seen all ages from growing children who are having trouble walking and running to their elderly grandparents.

Working with your body’s abilities and striving to understand what this is. Whether you have a disability, have developed limitations because of arthritis, cancer, stroke or from injury or accident,  it’s all about your quality of life and how you can achieve what you want to.

Your goals may include playing in the backyard with the children, continuing to play the sport or activity you’ve always enjoyed or getting ready for an overseas trip.

We help you achieve this by first addressing the immediate reason for your pain.

  • An ache or pain from an injury or unknown reason
  • Ingrown toenail that’s been a problem for a long time
  • A corn or callous from ‘gorgeous’ shoes
  • Maybe getting down to your feet is difficult because of back pain or arthritis
  • Perhaps there is a medical condition requiring you to have special care

Whatever the reason, we first address the pain to make you more comfortable immediately. Then, we look into what has caused the pain, and provide you with treatment options that fit into your lifestyle.

One of the things we really love is enjoying relationships with three, or even four, generations of families we’ve provided assistance and care for since 1987. Over the years our reputation has been built on a total care focus, providing the most thorough assessments, the most up-to-date and research proven treatment options, combined with a really caring attitude.

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