FScan In-shoe Plantar PressureFSCAN SENSORS IN SHOES.JPG

The Fscan system is the most specialised diagnostic service at Total Care Podiatry to capture timing and pressure information for foot function and gait analysis.

In-shoe plantar pressure analysis enables us to see exactly what is happening underneath your feet using ultra thin in-shoe sensors and state of the art wireless technology.  The system is completely mobile so we can measure your gait in a natural environment, your place of work or in your chosen activity.



The Fscan system allows real-time plantar pressure measurement which is incredibly useful for providing immediate analysis on the dynamic function of your feet and the forces that occur on the feet in your particular sport.

The system can then be used for objective comparitive analysis to test and measure the impact of orthotics, shoe types or shoe adjustments:

  • To optimise performance and help prevent injury,
  • After surgery or significant injury
  • Returning to sport afer rehabilitation

In the workplace:

As the FScan system is so mobile, it can be used in any workplace to measure the forces on the feet from prolonged or repetitive activity such as standing, walking up and down stairs and other work duties.

Changes in your workplace activity can be made and then objectively assessed to compare the results and measure the impact of the changes. The Fscan can also be used to test and measure the impact of orthotics, shoe types or shoe adjustments. This is also useful when you are returning to work after injury or surgery.


Diabetes and other high risk conditions:

The FScan system can be used very successfully to accurately offload ulceration or pressure areas under the feet in high risk patients such as those with complications from long term diabetes or if you have peripheral neuropathy disease.

Offloading high pressure areas is a common treatment especially if the area has ulcerated. Sometimes, however this can increase the pressure to other areas of the feet leading to further areas of tissue breakdown. Using the Fscan to first assess the pressure areas under the feet we can then assess how effective offloading strategies will be. This ensures the pressure will be placed in the correct place, and in the correct timings optimim for each individual foot. Case study: Dr Rion Berg uses FScan to evaluate foot ulcers.