Plantar pressure resultsTeam care of chronic & complex conditions

Youíve probably noticed - when you have a painful area in one part of your body it starts to affect other parts of your body. This is because your body wants to protect the part thatís hurting and before long, other areas are beginning to hurt.

Ignoring the warning signs of pain will lead you into a vicious cycle where pain takes control of your life.

Our Team Care approach will help you take back control or avoid falling into a cycle of chronic pain.

Before your Initial consultation you will be asked to complete some personal Information forms. The information you provide about the onset and progress of your condition, and any radiological or other examinations you may have had previously, helps form a complete picture of your condition.

  • A†team approach with in-house podiatry, physiotherapy and exercise physiology
  • External referral, if required, for greater understanding of your condition
  • Objective assessment of posture, balance or walking through digital plantar pressure and video gait analysis
  • Objective assessment of circulation and neurological status, (if required)
  • A team meeting with you to discuss treatment options, your goals and expectations and an integrated plan of action.

An integrated and comprehensive treatment plan to address all the components of your condition.

NDIS, Worksafe, TAC and Veterans' Affairs clients welcome

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