Biomechanical AnalysisWALKING ON PP MAT - WITH GRAPH.BMP

Prescription is everything when it comes to designing an orthotic which will help your feet have the best function possible and leave you free to stay mobile and active.

At Total Care Podiatry the Biomechanical Analysis utilises the most up to date Video Gait Analysis and Plantar Pressure Evaluation equipment to gather information that makes up the individual design criteria of your Total Care Custom orthotic prescription.

A 3D image of your feet is also taken during the Biomechanical Analysis so that your Total Care Custom orthotic prescription can be designed using a CAD, (computer aided design) software program.

With our 6m long plantar pressure mat and plantar pressure treadmill your podiatrist is able to objectively measure the amount, timing and direction of the force being placed under your feet when you walk and run.

Understanding this 'dynamic force' allows us to reduce, manage and redirect excessive forces. As you place your body weight onto the ground through your foot, there is an opposite and equal force from the ground pushing into the foot; we call this ‘ground reaction force’. Ground reaction force loads the foot from below, while your body is loading the foot from above.

If the force occurs on structures that are not able to withstand them and for a prolonged period of time, the risk of injury is significantly increased. When the healing tissues are exposed to the excessive forces and become reinjured, a cycle of healing and reinjury occurs where the body may never return to the state it was prior to the injury.


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