Freedom through Mobility

Back pain/postural fatigue

If you experience back pain and/or pain and fatigue it is important that you have the alignment of your lower limbs and feet analysed to ensure there are no abnormalities that could be contributing to this pain.

Walking should be a fluid motion from the time the heel hits the ground to the point where we step forward and off the foot. Sometimes, if the forefoot and especially the big toe joint becomes jammed, the forward movement is momentarily blocked, forcing other joints to compensate.

The repetition of every step you take is enough to place strain and stress on the muscles and joints leading to inflammation and increased risk of injury.

At Total Care Podiatry the podiatrist will ascertain what dysfunction is occurring in your feet, how this is interacting with the muscles in your back, pelvis and legs and will see what areas in your lifestyle may be placing you at risk of continuing the injury.

If you need orthotics, prescription is everything!

Our state of the art computerised plantar pressure gait analysis, video gait assessment and 3D image scanning of your feet ensure best practice in prescribing your customised orthotics.

Working together with other health professionals involved in your care is also important to achieve a long term solution.

Postural analysis