Why do some injuries seem to come out of nowhere?

By Paul on 26/10/2015

Youíre going along just fine when suddenly, bang! Youíve got heel pain, the knees are aching or your Achilles tendon is playing up.

You may have been planning to join Run Geelong this year and now thatís looking doubtful.

The worst part is, nothing in particular happened that would have caused this, it seems to have simply developed by itself.

Have you been here? Itís so frustrating!

The cause of pain

Like everyone, you have a certain amount of muscle flexibility and strength and a certain amount of mobility in your joints.

Over time, your body will adapt itself around these so you can do all the activity you want to do each day. In other words, your body will compensate for the limitations in your muscles and joints.

Add to that, your type of work, the sport you play, injuries you may have had when you were younger, your age, weight and overall health. All this places a fair bit of strain on your body.

When your body lacks sufficient compensation for a given activity, high forces are placed on it which can lead to inflammation and pain. This may happen even if the activity doesnít seem particularly strenuous.

Reduce the Risk

You can reduce your risk of injury by improving your bodyís ability to compensate.

This might mean improving the flexibility and strength of particular muscle groups or improving the range of motion of your joints.

When an injury occurs you can help your body recover quickly by having your level of compensation assessed.† When it comes to feet, ankles and knees, which are working with every step you take, itís important to get the best treatment option before your body starts adapting itself around the injury.

To avoid pain your body will change your posture and the way you walk, affecting more areas than the original injury site.

At Total Care Podiatry we look at your whole body when assessing any pain in your feet, ankles, knees, hips or back.

There are many treatment options, so donít put up with pain, hoping it will go away by itself.

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